#LTtheRapper Volume 1: Purpose

by Lyrically Twisted

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    This is Volume 1 of a 3-part Mixtape Project by Lyrically Twisted.
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Purpose (free) 01:50
Legendary Sneakers (free) 04:12
Insomnia (free) 03:47
Young MC II (free) 03:58
Like Father, Like Son (free) 04:40
An Aptitude of Wit (free) 02:50
Hopeless Love (free) 04:01
Addicted (free) 03:51
She's Callin' (free) 02:00
On the Mic II (free) 02:49
VERSE 1: When I’m on the mic I feel like I’m on top of the world Far from tribulations That I could only hope to defer Cuz I prefer a life where I could do What I please See everybody wants it But nobody believes That they could make it happen That’s why I started rappin’ Cuz I think it’s cool And I really wanted to accept the challenge And overcome the fear The fear of failure But see we’ve all Been there before it’s just human nature What I’m tryinna say is nowadays It’s rare to see In modern society Somebody chasin’ a dream Bein’ on the grind Is used so much outta context That’s why I spit my soul On the microphone with the concept Of pursuing your goals With Purpose, Persistence, and Passion And do it in an “Unorthodox dapper fashion” yea I swear I got my own genre The realist with these lyrics I’m not healthy I’m the illest yea… VERSE 2: This is more than just a Group of selective words It’s a story about how my purpose is to attain the glory But that’s just a chapter of Adventures of an MC I am making moves Until my rhyme tanks reading empty Which’ll probably be never I’m only gettin’ better At putting these words together I swear that my pen is clever It’s got a mind of it’s own Given to me from the Creator A gift of injected ink in my veins So I could write forever Word… I’m on a journey that’ll never end Always growin’ So when I find the one I’m a better man You see we all got flaws That’s why I’m workin’ on it And I ain’t perfect So I’m constantly Takin’ a moment To remind myself of my purpose So I created a focus A long time ago when I’m rappin’ That’s my lyrics come off really potent I ain’t jokin’ or playin’ Listen to what I’m sayin’ I am far from the average rapper I’m different That’s why I’m feelin’ the closest To my my my... To my my my to my dreams... To my my my... I'm far from the average rapper I'm different That's why I'm feelin' the closest... To my my my... To my my my to my dreams... To my my my... ...to my dreams.
I.H.B. (free) 04:07
Appreciation (free) 05:06
The Feeling (free) 03:14


"Always remember to pursue life goals with Purpose, Persistence, and Passion."


released November 11, 2013


Kyle Berzle of KMB Studios in Pomona:

Grizzly Creek (production credits):

Fresco Stevens and Flight Dreams Productions (production credits):

David "DeMay" Mayfield (featured artist):

Joseph Jefferson (featured artist):


all rights reserved



Lyrically Twisted

LT, also known as Lyrically Twisted, is a Hip Hop Artist out of Pomona California. His music is comprised of creativity, originality, testimony and a deep rooted respect for the essence of lyrical expression and the depiction of true Hip Hop Culture. His goal is to impact the world in a positive way by sparking thought and inspiring his listeners to live with Purpose, Persistence and Passion. ... more

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